Your life’s most warm and adorable moments deserve expert capturing. When it comes to preserving memories in mesmeric frames triggered at the right moment, Fly Boy team stands out as the expert.

We are a Media Production Company that not just focuses on beautiful video outputs but on freezing timeless precious moments within the frames. Being a Digital Production Company, we use state-of-the-art technology fused with creativity to give you exactly what you need! Whether it’s any Special Event, a Halloween event, or a wedding, we help you cherish each moment frame wise.

Aerial & Ground Filming

Miss no perspective with our ability to produce HD color films from high above the sky as well as from the ground. Our team makes no mistakes when it comes to flying drones, capturing crisp & candid shots, and editing the final film.

Once the raw footage is captured, our Video editing wizards work their magic to unveil the film which will grab away your heart.

For Individuals & Corporates

Having worked with numerous clients, both individuals and Corporates, we are intuitive about each our client’s needs. For corporates, we can create superb aerial/ground videos that can be used as presentations (with a hint of ‘Bravado’). For individuals, you simply name the game, a wedding, birthday, party, Halloween, etc. and the next thing you get is a fantastic professionally edited HD video film of your big day!

If you are looking for a Digital Production Company or a Media Production Company in California, your search ends right here!

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