Fly Boy Drone Services bring to you the power of aerial intelligence. Our aerial mapping drones deliver precision aerial cinematography as per your requirements. Be it the Farm land, city, township, forest land, or any terrain, our expert team will prepare the aerial maps with highest level of detail.

Since the commencement of our operations, we have become a go-to choice for aerial drone photography services in Los Angeles. Fly Boy team employees the latest equipment, advanced drones mounted with sophisticated sensors and cameras to bring you the real-time view of any terrain at will!

If you need it fast & accurate, we can do it for you. We only use the best technology for aerial cinematography, so that you get the full HD color images for use right away.

What is Aerial Mapping?

Aerial mapping of an area requires precision, accuracy & efficiency. With our cutting-edge drones, this becomes seamless. Our aerial mapping drones produce highly sophisticated 2D and 3D Digital Elevation models of an area using the best available equipment yielding unparalleled results. Once multiple overlapping images of an area are captured, software is used to generate explicit and flawless maps. Fly Boy team holds the experience of aerial photography in San Diego and Aerial photography is Los Angeles, making us highly sought-after professionals in the domain.

Why Us?

  • Our services are fast, reliable, and affordable
  • We believe in precision driven technology, thus, bringing to you more than you expect, always!
  • Your project becomes alive once we start working. You get HD Color images & maps that can be used right away!

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